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The Observation Group of Heze City Large Project Visited Ruiying · Runze Industrial Park
On April 7, 2015, Sun Aijun, Secretary of the Heze Municipal Party Committee, and Mayor Xie Weijun led a large-scale project observation group composed of more than 100 people including the main leaders of the party and government in eight counties and three districts and the heads of various science and technology bureaus. Peng Jixian, president of Ruiying · Runze Pharmaceutical Group, and Wu Jun, director of the Group Administration Center accompanied the inspection.
Runze Synthesis Center TB-6 project successfully passed the safety acceptance review
On the afternoon of January 29, 2015, Section Chief Fan Wenxi of the Haze Chemical Safety Supervision Bureau led three city safety production experts to the industrial park to complete the acceptance of the 50t / aTB-6 project safety facilities of the Runze Synthesis Center.
Shandong Runyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the appraisal of the process technology of biological enzyme inactivation of cephalosporin C residues in fermentation residue
On October 11, 2015, Li Aiguo, the director of the EHS Center, and Dong Chao, the manager of the project information department, organized the technical achievement appraisal meeting of the “Technology Achievement of Residue of Cephalosporin C in Bioactive Enzyme Inactivated Fermentation Residues” by Shandong Runyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Innovative management model and innovative working methods
In recent regular meetings, President Peng made a series of new requirements for the management of the group. Mr. Peng pointed out that the company is undergoing a development process from small to large and from weak to strong.
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