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Innovative management model and innovative working methods
In recent regular meetings, President Peng made a series of new requirements for the management of the group. Mr. Peng pointed out that the company is undergoing a development process from small to large and from weak to strong.
Actively apply for union membership service cards and implement preferential assistance policies
In order to better serve employees and Pratt & Whitney members, the group trade unions currently promote and apply for union membership service cards throughout the park according to the requirements of the municipal and district federations of trade unions.
Accurately understand the spiritual essence of the "three abilities" to improve the management level of the "three abilities"
On the morning of October 13, 2015, at the group's weekly meeting, Mr. Peng pointed out the problems and deficiencies in the current company management on the basis of fully affirming the achievements of the previous management work on the site management issues, and proposed the site management New requirements.
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