Runze Synthesis Center TB-6 project successfully passed the safety acceptance review

On the afternoon of January 29, 2015, Section Chief Fan Wenxi of the Haze Chemical Safety Supervision Bureau led three city safety production experts to the industrial park to complete the acceptance of the 50t / aTB-6 project safety facilities of the Runze Synthesis Center.


Accompanied by Director Li Aiguo of the Safety and Environmental Protection Center of the Industrial Park Management Committee and the project leader, the municipal bureau leaders and expert groups carefully inspected and accepted the production site, carefully reviewed the project ’s Safety Evaluation Report, and The person in charge of the project and the evaluation unit conducted careful exchanges and finally agreed: "The construction of the safety facilities of the 50t / aTB-6 project of Shandong Runze Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. basically meets the design requirements, the site is relatively standardized, and the conditions for the completion and acceptance of the safety facilities of the chemical project are met. Further strengthen the on-site management, and strive to improve the level of automation according to the requirements of the safety automatic control design. "Relevant leaders and evaluation units of the Mudan District Safety Supervision Bureau, Shandong Zhiben Safety Evaluation Company, project leaders and relevant personnel of the Park Safety and Environmental Protection Center participated in the project acceptance review meeting.