Actively apply for union membership service cards and implement preferential assistance policies

In order to better serve employees and Pratt & Whitney members, the group trade unions currently promote and apply for union membership service cards throughout the park according to the requirements of the municipal and district federations of trade unions.

The issuance of the union membership service card is a popular project for the municipal and district trade unions to serve employees. It is not only a concrete measure for building a harmonious society and a "five-type union", but also an important means of enhancing the service awareness and management level of the union.

Trade Union Member Service Card is a service project initiated by Heze City Federation of Trade Unions and Shandong Provincial Post Company Heze City Branch to benefit the majority of trade union members in the city. It mainly has the following functions:

1. Identification function: the card serves as the identification mark for Heze union members.

2. Financial function: This card is a debit card jointly issued by the Heze City Federation of Trade Unions and the Postal Savings Bank. It has all the financial functions of the existing debit card of the Postal Savings Bank.

3. Guarantee function: The card is used for the issuance of funds for hardship assistance, critical illness relief, student assistance, etc. and provides service card holders with 2 years of non-work accident accident injury insurance free of charge. Signed the "Heze Trade Union Member Non-Work Injury Accident and Family Property (Fire) Insurance Insurance Cooperation Agreement" with the designated insurance company. The municipal and district trade unions pay a premium of 5 yuan for each member and provide 5000-15000 yuan of non-work injury accident insurance And family property fire damage insurance with a maximum insured amount of 3,000 yuan.

4. Preferential government policies: Enjoy the preferential policies provided by relevant government units.

5. Trade union assistance function: The card enjoys free legal consultation, legal assistance, vocational training, employment and entrepreneurship services, labor dispute mediation, hardship assistance, emergency assistance and other services provided by the District Federation of Trade Unions.

6. Value-added service function: The card can enjoy value-added services such as discounts and concessions provided by special merchants throughout the city.

Up to now, the union of the group has received more than 600 applications for employee-run cards. The union of the group will actively contact the municipal and district federations of trade unions and relevant departments to strive to issue the union membership service card to the members as soon as possible, so that each union member Enjoy the warmth of the trade union organization.