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The Observation Group of Heze City Large Project Visited Ruiying · Runze Industrial Park

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Ruiying · Runze

On April 7, 2015, Sun Aijun, Secretary of the Heze Municipal Party Committee, and Mayor Xie Weijun led a large-scale project observation group composed of more than 100 people including the main leaders of the party and government in eight counties and three districts and the heads of various science and technology bureaus. Peng Jixian, president of Ruiying · Runze Pharmaceutical Group, and Wu Jun, director of the Group Administration Center accompanied the inspection.


Secretary Sun Aijun and his party first visited the penicillin project, clavulanic acid project, Qihuan project, sewage treatment center and newly put into use of the quality research center in the park, and listened to General Manager Peng about the park development planning, new project construction, new product development, etc. Introduction.


Secretary Sun Aijun expressed his satisfaction with the current operation of the park, encouraging everyone to overcome difficulties, insist on independent innovation, and do a good job in new product development, so that the park will become the leader and vanguard of local economic development.