Innovative management model and innovative working methods

In recent regular meetings, President Peng made a series of new requirements for the management of the group. Mr. Peng pointed out that the company is undergoing a development process from small to large and from weak to strong. This is a necessary stage after the company grows and develops, and it is also a stage of innovation and progress in thinking. In this transformation process, enterprise management concepts and management methods will change synchronously, and involve "addition" and "subtraction" of management models and strategies.

1. Management concept: "plus" and "minus" of work focus

Renovation of management concept is to re-understand and re-understand the management work, but also to redefine the concept of management. The change of management focus and management focus is the best interpretation of concept innovation.

1. Management focus: strengthen quality construction, reduce quantity expansion

The 13th Five-Year Plan is about to be implemented, and China's economic development will enter a period of comprehensive adjustment. The development strategy of the Group relies on the national economic strategy. The economic situation is changing and the market orientation is also changing. With the transformation of the economy and the market model, the development of our Group will also leap into a new stage.

Here, President Peng clearly pointed out: The 13th Five-Year Plan is a plan that focuses on "quality". We must recognize the major trends and directions, and keep up with the trend of the times in order to improve and develop. In the future, the Group will also enter a new stage, from the extensive and unrestrained development model to the refined and restrained development model, that is, from "quantity as the core" to "quality as the core" development transformation process .

Transformation is an initiative and a process: first, the Group ’s industrial chain is becoming more and more complete, and it already has the prerequisites for the transition to "quality"; secondly, the Group has complete management and technical reserves in all areas and has further improvement. potential. For example, in terms of technology, it can continue to play the advantages of traditional technology and innovation efficiency. In terms of management, a management method with quantification as the core should be implemented. In terms of the main body of management, accelerate the formation of a structural layout centered on corporate companies, independent production units, and various functional departments. Again, the Group's future development strategy will mainly focus on two aspects: First, intensive cultivation of the existing industrial chain. In the next five years, we will refine existing products and processes, and no longer blindly launch new projects. Second, build a brand effect. Improve the quality level of existing drugs, launch a batch of excellent products to enter the market, and make it a truly innovative and brand-effect product.

2. Management focus: strengthen the sinking of functions and reduce the concentration of authority

The sinking of management center means the flattening of management mode. It is different from the traditional pyramid-type (centralized) management structure, and it is a compact and capable flat organization structure inclined to the grassroots. Because of its remarkable effect in improving management efficiency, flat management is also the development direction of modern management.

Regarding the focus of management, President Peng explained: In the future, the Group will gradually change from a "centralized" management model to a "sinking" management model, that is, to "sink" in production, quality, safety and environmental protection, facilities and equipment, etc. At the grass-roots level, the group focuses on strategy, planning, accounting and monitoring. This is like a big tree. The deeper its roots are, the deeper it is in the ground and the ground it is, the more it can absorb nutrients and grow steadily. The "sinking" management model will be the general direction of group management in the future, and grassroots management personnel should actively adapt.

To implement a "sinking" management model, supporting measures need to be established: first, establish a management system with a corporate company as the core, and formulate post duties regulations with clear division of labor and overall coordination, that is, the corporate company is responsible for specific management matters, and the group is responsible for the industrial chain Adjustment and integration; second, continue to implement the quantitative assessment policy for middle and senior management personnel, that is, to assess production management personnel based on profits and output, and to assess non-production management personnel with each department as the core. In short, the purpose of implementing a flat management model is to be efficient on the basis of division of labor and promote stability on the basis of overall planning.

Second, management methods: "plus" and "minus" of hardware and software resources

"People don't have all-round talents, they only use good things". If managers are good at using all existing hardware and software resources to achieve supplementary effects by taking advantage of shortcomings, it is undoubtedly the simplest and most effective management method and code of conduct.

1. Hardware resources: strengthen restrictive norms and reduce operation freedom

At present, the Group has established a complete industrial chain covering multiple products and various links, and has realized the strategic integration and organic coordination of each production unit. However, to maintain a virtuous cycle of the industrial chain and promote the healthy development of all links, it is also necessary to put forward higher requirements for standardized management.

Regarding standardized management, Mr. Peng pointed out: In the past, we had hoped to improve the quality of employees. For example, after opening a valve, employees still remember to close it. But many of our employees can't do this because the job characteristics are not allowed or the sense of responsibility is not in place. However, we should not blame our employees, but should work hard to improve management. For example, to minimize personal control space, actively adopt CNC operations, etc. Foxconn's factory workshop, its assembly lines and operating actions are fixed, supplemented by strict operating specifications, by compressing the space of individual free play, the standardization and stability of on-site management and control are improved. The reason why Foxconn can become a world-class digital factory is that it can entrust all work to a standardized production line.

After years of hard work, the management of the Group has made great progress, but there is still a certain gap with the goal. To this end, managers must face up to the gap, strengthen confidence, and face difficulties, and strive to achieve: First, "consciousness", that is, to deeply understand the company's management philosophy, and form a practical sense of management and control; That is to be good at using existing resources and coordinating management and control methods. For example, actively use the network preparation platform, rationally allocate personnel and working hours, and reduce the cost of human resources; third, "regulate", that is, establish a complete production operation specification, form a fixed code of conduct, and let production proceed according to the established process; Fourth, "restricted", that is, to increase restrictive regulations on production specifications, reduce the degree of freedom of operation, and reasonably avoid risks; fifth, "trained", that is, to pay attention to employee skill training and let workers master equipment operation and process specifications , Knowledge and skills in risk aversion, etc.

2. Software resources: strengthen teamwork and numerical control to reduce differences in personal qualities

Reasonable allocation of existing resources, give full play to the advantages of team integration, and actively develop CNC software, etc., are all effective means to make up for differences in personal qualities and improve management efficiency.

In this regard, President Peng said: Due to various reasons, the Group's human resources are still relatively low in terms of personal quality, education, and professional understanding. However, we cannot just complain, but should take various measures to circumvent it. For example, the odor processing equipment developed by the Group has a very complicated principle. The reason why it can succeed is thanks to the cooperation of the entire team. We have our own design team, we can make our own software and hardware, and integrate into a "one-click" operating system. This "one-click" device is very simple and easy to understand, it can make up for the difference in personnel quality and enhance the stability of the production process.

In this regard, managers should broaden their horizons, expand their thinking, and make the following explorations: First, strengthen teamwork and give full play to the integration effect. Rely on teamwork, brainstorming, brainstorming, and exerting the integration effect of "one plus one is greater than two" to make up for differences in personal qualities and enhance the ability to cope with challenges. Second, develop "one-click" CNC programs to simplify the operation process. Develop highly integrated numerical control programs, improve equipment automation, further simplify operations and prevent risks; third, encourage reasonable "micro-innovation and micro-reform". Carry out "micro-innovation" in production and management, and "micro-reform" in job functions and production practices to form a strong synergy to help the company's development.

At present, downward pressure on the economy still exists, the government's pollution control efforts are gradually increasing, energy prices continue to rise, and the production situation in the medical and chemical industry is extremely grim. To this end, President Peng stood at the height of the overall development of the Group and made important instructions on the status and role of current management work, mission objectives, work priorities, etc., and created a new situation in management work from a new starting point. We must earnestly study President Peng's new interpretation of the management concept, thoroughly understand its essence, accurately grasp the great significance of the concept innovation, unify the thoughts and actions of the majority of cadres and employees, and lay a solid foundation for the effective development of the Group's next step.