Accurately understand the spiritual essence of the "three capabilities" and make every effort to improve the management level of the "three capabilities"

On the morning of October 13, 2015, at the weekly meeting of the Group, Mr. Peng pointed out the problems and shortcomings in the current management of the company on the basis of fully affirming the achievements of the previous management work, and put forward new requirements for the on-site management work. Mr. Peng said that the management level of the grassroots level is directly related to the overall combat effectiveness of the group company, which is the basis of all the work of the group, and the key to improving the management level of the grassroots lies in the construction of three capabilities: first, strong management execution ability (on-site management execution ability); Second, the ability to solve production technology (on-site technical solution ability); Third, precise process control capabilities (on-site precision operation capabilities).

Mr. Peng's incisive exposition on the building of the "three capabilities" points directly to the foundation of grassroots construction and cuts to the heart of management work. Conscientiously studying and practicing the spirit of President Peng's "three abilities" speech is an important task at present, a code of conduct for grassroots leading cadres, and a guarantee for managers of various departments to perform their duties.

Learn to understand and comprehend deeply. The key to conscientiously studying and practicing the spirit of President Peng's "three abilities" speech lies in thoroughly understanding the spirit and understanding the essence. To improve the ability of on-site management execution, managers need to truly understand the essence, logic and procedures of group management, establish reasonable work processes and working methods, and strictly implement and implement the work system and operating procedures; To improve the on-site technical solution ability, it is necessary for management and technical personnel to independently implement, standardize and improve with their own strength after receiving production tasks or technical standards, without relying on the support of the group's R&D department and relevant departments, that is, with the ability to solve problems independently; To improve the ability of accurate on-site operation, it is necessary for each department to strengthen the precise control of production and operation, because for the entire group, a problem in one link or department may affect all links such as manpower, capital, production, and sales, thereby interfering with the smooth operation of the entire group's industrial chain. In short, thoroughly studying and understanding the spirit of the speech is the ideological guarantee for arranging and deploying the next work tasks.

Follow standards and conduct deep self-examination. To conscientiously study and practice the spirit of President Peng's "three abilities" speech, the focus should be on applying what we have learned and finding out problems. Grassroots managers should not only strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the group company, follow various production and technical processes, but also be good at summarizing and constantly exploring in practical work, and actively improve the level of management innovation; Grassroots managers should conduct profound analysis and examination of themselves, have a clear understanding of the people, methods, measures, etc. in the management team, have an objective assessment of the shortcomings and defects of the department, be good at grasping the main aspects of the problem, and properly deal with it according to the system and rules; Grassroots managers should always adhere to high standards and strict requirements, grasp link by link, and implement node by node, not only to solve superficial problems and simple problems in a timely manner, but also to effectively solve deep-seated problems and complex problems. Find gaps in the rules and regulations, and solve problems in communication and interaction.

Face up to the gap and make in-depth rectification. To conscientiously study and practice the spirit of President Peng's "three abilities" speech, it is fundamentally necessary to work rectification and reform, so as to ensure that there is depth in analysis and determination in rectification and reform. We must always be vigilant about all problems in the bud, so as to be cautious and prevent micro-developments; It is necessary to face up to the problems existing in rectification and reform, correct mistakes when they are known, correct mistakes that can be corrected, and seek breakthroughs in the actual results of rectification and reform; We must pay close attention to the gaps existing in rectification and reform, so as not to cover up, do not wait or rely on, and make timely changes, serious reforms, and efficient reforms; It is necessary to grasp one thing of practical problems and achieve one thing and consolidate one thing about ideological problems. In addition, grassroots management rectification also has important cultural strategic significance, because grassroots reform is ultimately a cultural transformation, that is, the transformation and repositioning of enterprise management culture, only by unswervingly taking the step of grassroots rectification and reform can we achieve an important change in corporate culture and reap the rich dividends released by corporate culture transformation.

Studying and practicing well the spirit of Mr. Peng's speech on the construction of "three capabilities" is an important task and goal of the group's grassroots management construction, and managers at all levels should deeply understand, apply what they have learned, set an example with a high sense of responsibility, creatively carry out various work, implement the requirements of "execution", "solution" and "operation" in all aspects of grassroots management work, and effectively ensure the implementation of the spirit of the speech.