Our Group's Third Terminal Appreciation Meeting and New Ceftriaxone Sodium Press Conference Held Grandly

On April 24, 2015, Ruiying · Runze Pharmaceutical held a grand press conference and a new ceftriaxone sodium press conference at the Royal Hotel Suei.

The meeting invited more than 150 customers from Jiangxi, Anhui and Shandong to attend the meeting. Rui Ying • Runze Pharmaceutical Group Marketing Center Director Zeng Fanhong and all business managers of the preparation department attended the meeting.

In his speech, Mr. Zeng firstly expressed the warm welcome to the guests on behalf of Ruiying • Runze Group, and expressed my most sincere thanks to all the friends who have cared, supported and helped the development of Ruiying • Runze Group for many years! Then Mr. Zeng briefly introduced the development plan and operation of Ruiying · Runze Pharmaceutical Group. He said that in recent years, as the country's macro-policy regulation on the pharmaceutical industry continued to increase, and drug bidding and procurement was affected by regional distribution restrictions, pharmaceutical companies' share of drug sales in the first and second terminals gradually shrank, and the marketing focus has shifted to Three terminal township health centers, community health service stations, clinics, and pharmacies. In response to this situation, our group is actively leaning towards the third terminal and hopes that with the joint efforts of everyone, we will develop our third terminal business better.

As the main product of the park, the new ceftriaxone sodium has the following advantages. 1. Special for raw materials: Raw materials are completely packaged for export to Europe and America. Four characteristics: fast dissolution, uniform crystals, good stability; few impurities, and there are no unknown impurities, the allergy rate is extremely low; it is completely controlled according to the standards of the British Pharmacopoeia; allergens are caused by an important impurity polymer of about 0.03%, Overseas such as Roche Finn and Taiwan Pansheng were 0.2%. 2. Special packaging: Chinese and English packaging. 3. Dedicated to the third terminal: market protection. The successful release of the new ceftriaxone sodium opened the precedent for the preparation of high-end products, and laid a good foundation for the promotion of high-end products in the future.

The press conference increased customers' understanding of Ruiying • Runze Pharmaceutical Group, deepened the group's feelings with customers, and played a good role in promoting the promotion of products.