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1. Policy

1. Strict regional agency distribution:

2. Flexible and diverse cooperation models

3. Unified terminal supply price


2. Agency Conditions

1. Have the determination of long-term cooperation

2. Have certain economic strength and good business reputation

3. Stable marketing network, strong market development and operation capabilities in the agency area

4. Companies and individuals with terminal promotion capabilities


3. Provided by the company

1. Rich profit margins, to ensure that agents get good economic benefits

2. Strict market protection to ensure the rights and interests in operation

3. Supply chain cooperation to ensure a win-win situation

4. Provide free medicine-related promotional materials

5. High-quality services provide convenient conditions for agents and create a good distribution environment

6. Co-planning and all-round cooperation


4. Market protection

1. The company carries out strict division of sales areas and strict market protection policies:

2. The company strictly controls the logistics direction, put an end to cross-consignment, and deal with the violators in accordance with the relevant agreements.

3. If the company has completed the sales task in this region and is capable of selling in other regions, it will be allowed to oversize the sales region after reporting to the company for approval.


5. Contact information

Marketing Department Tel: 0530-5996669 0530-5858969 Fax: 0530-5852296

Sales Department Tel: 0530-5856507 0530-7156667 Fax: 0530-5859611