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Service Commitment

In the spirit of “Top Quality, Customer Satisfaction” and the principle of “Preferential Price, Considerate Service, Reliable Product Quality”, we make the following commitments to customers:

I. Commitment to Product Quality:

1. The manufacture and test of products are in strict accordance with GMP standard.

2. For product performance test, we are willing to accept the test of drug management department, in an effort to strictly control product quality.

II. Commitment to Product Price

1.In order to guarantee the high reliability and advancement of medicines, we select top-quality raw materials.

2.Under the same competition condition, we offer more preferential price to customers on the premise of ensuring product quality.

III. Commitment to After-sales Service

1.Service Tenet: Quick, Resolute, Accurate, Considerate, Thorough

2.Service Target: Make Customer Satisfactory by High Service Quality

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