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 Technological innovation, quality priority, honesty and trustworthiness, harmonious symbiosis, giving back to society, benefiting the people


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With the corporate values of “Water-like Sublime Virtues Nourish All Lives”, Shandong Runze Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is devoted to career of human health. It has been adhering to the tenet of “Science and Technology Innovation, Top Quality, Credit and Promise Keeping, Harmonious Development, Social Returning, People Benefit”. It actively implements its values in research, development, production, sale and service, guides its staff to set up the values of “Water-like Sublime Virtues Nourish All Lives”, and strives for excellence and contribution to the society.


Product Philosophy

With the product philosophy of “Top Quality, Guard for Health”, the company constantly enhances its scientific research ability and shoulders the task of guard for health. By turning its unique scientific technology into competitive advantages, it has enhanced its core competitiveness and formed its strong brand power.