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Shandong Runze Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Located in Heze, known as the city of peony and a land with rich resources and talented people, Shandong Runze Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a large-scale modern hi-tech enterprise, integrates the research, development, production and sale of medicines. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sale of antibiotic raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and preparations.

With powerful advantages in the aspect of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals (BPC), the company specializes in the research and production of cephem powder-injection, penicillin powder-injection and oral preparations, with an annual productivity of 1,000,000,000 pieces of powder injections and 1,200 tons of chemical raw materials. Thanks to its complete industrial chain from fermentation, finished product synthesis, the production of sterile BPC to the subpackage of powder-injection products, the company can guarantee the uniform and stable product quality and maximally control the energy efficiency to reduce the cost, and thus enjoys extremely strong competitive advantages.

The starting of our preparation project fills the gap that there is no antibiotic product in Heze. The factory, which is designed and built according to EU GMP standard, is equipped with complete air-conditioning and water systems. With internationally or domestically advanced level and high automation degree, the equipment can realize continuous production by adopting an automatic operation mode, which effectively avoids the errors of manual operation; and the exposed areas of packaging materials of medicines and direct-contact medicines after sterilization reaches A cleanness class, so as to guarantee the cleanliness of semi-finished products and finished products.

The company has two pharmaceutical intermediate raw material branch plants which mainly produce semisynthetic antibiotic intermediates, and a preparation branch plant which mainly produces injection cephalosporin products, raw material zaleplon and preparation zaleplon capsules. The on-sale products include injection ceftriaxone sodium, injection cefuroxime sodium, injection cefoperazone sodium, injection cefoperazone sodium and sulbactam sodium (2:1), injection cefoperazone sodium and sulbactam sodium (1:1), injection ceftazidime, injection cefalotin sodium and injection cefotaxime sodium, with 8 varieties and 24 specifications.

Devoted to the career of human health, the company, under the guide of “High Quality, High Technology, Environment Protection, Sustainable Development”, will foster enterprise core competence and promote brand value to create a bright future by right of its complete industry chain.


◆ Complete industrial chain: With a complete industrial chain from fermentation, finished product synthesis and the production of sterile BPC to the subpackage of powder-injection products, the company can guarantee uniform and stable product quality and has extremely strong competitive advantages.

◆ Leading quality in China: All raw materials, which are produced by chemical method 7-ACA, are protein-free and have low untoward effect incidence; the products, which are crystallized by solution medium method, are characterized by high content, few impurities and high stability; the finished product BPC is in short supply and 1/3 of the products are exported; the preparation factory is designed and built according to EU GMP standard.

◆ Wide product varieties: The company has obtained cephem powder-injection reference numbers of 8 varieties and 24 specifications while our co-operative companies have obtained 22 cephem BPC reference numbers. We are the first to produce latamoxef sodium BPC in China, laying solid foundation for production of other preparation in the future.

◆ Domestically cutting-edge technology: The technology of the same variety, in the leading place in China, is eco-friendly and easy to improve the technical content and quality of the products and has extremely strong market competence; the company has developed more than 100 kinds of products, with more than 30 scientific achievements having passed provincial identification, 8 domestic original scientific research projects and 2 patented invention technologies.

Company Profile